How to Get Your Ex-Boyfriend Back - Careful He's Not Leading You On

Published: 02nd December 2008
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You might be wondering how to get your ex-boyfriend back, and at some point, it might actually look like you're succeeding. Your ex might act and say things like you're still together, even when you really aren't. If you're not careful, though, this can drag on for a while. Sadly, you might find yourself waiting to make things "official" once again when it's possible that it never will be.

Indeed, when you're trying to get your ex-boyfriend back, it's very easy to overlook the warning signs that he might just be leading you on. If you're not sure what to look out for, here are some of the most common signs that he's just stringing you along:

Your ex-boyfriend is taking advantage of you.

Of course, he's not going to tell you this to your face, but rather, it will be so subtle that you won't even know it, unless you get yourself a good reality check. This usually happens when he knows that you don't want to let go of the relationship and that you have deep feelings for him. He may continue to contact you, and he may get you to do things for him while he sits back and enjoys the special treatment.

Your ex-boyfriend is confusing you.

He might continue to tell you that he loves you, and he might pursue a purely physical relationship. When pressed for the reinstatement of your commitment to each other, however, he will invariably back away. As painful as it may be, your ex is merely enjoying the perks of being in a relationship without taking on the responsibilities. Worse, he's probably using you as a doormat until someone else comes along.

Your ex-boyfriend won't do anything for you.

He might expect you to do things for him anytime, but when it's your turn to ask, he leaves you to fend for yourself. In this case, you're definitely in a one-sided relationship.

Sure, getting your ex-boyfriend back might seem like the number one priority to you, but when he's just stringing you along for his own ego and amusement, it's high time you reconsider your goals. When faced with this reality, it's time to stop thinking of ways on how to get your ex-boyfriend back. Instead, strive to get your self back.

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