Getting Your Ex-Boyfriend Back - How to Get Him Back

Published: 02nd December 2008
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Unless you've done something appalling enough to make your ex-boyfriend want to avoid you like the plague, chances are he will still want to keep in touch. This can be the perfect opportunity for you, if you're hell-bent on getting your ex-boyfriend back.

Chances are you will probably be treated to the "let's be friends" spiel. Don't let this dissuade you. Instead, look at this as an opening to get back into his good graces. If you ever had shortcomings as a girlfriend (hence, the failed relationship), you still have the chance to be the perfect ex-girlfriend and subsequently, you will have the chance to get your ex-boyfriend back.

So how does one become the model ex-girlfriend? It's easy! Play it cool, keep your emotions in check, behave, and know the ex-girlfriend's creed by heart:

An ex-girlfriend keeps her distance because she respects her ex-boyfriend's decision to break up. Above all else, she respects him, and in turn, she gains his respect.

An ex-girlfriend knows their new relationship's boundaries. She is aware of how important it is to keep to a strictly platonic arrangement.

An ex-girlfriend keeps her head up, and doesn't resort to petty strategies such as making her ex-boyfriend guilty, harassing him, or arguing with him about things that have passed just to get him back.

An ex-girlfriend knows that there's a line between a friend and a doormat, and has enough self-respect and pride not to become the latter.

An ex-girlfriend shouldn't be spiteful. She should not try to make her ex-boyfriend jealous by sleeping with his friends.

An ex-girlfriend will not ruin her life because of her grief. She will not turn to alcohol or drugs to drown her sorrows.

An ex-girlfriend will work on living her own life, regardless if they will get back together, or not.

An ex-girlfriend is patient, and she won't push for a reconciliation. Instead, she will play it by ear. An ex-girlfriend knows that the relationship will only be rekindled if there is still something there. Otherwise, she knows when it's time to move on.

Indeed, becoming the perfect ex-girlfriend isn't just a ploy used in getting your ex-boyfriend back. It is, above all, a must in order to get your life and your self back.

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